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Heritage of Dhakan Jewellers

Gordhandas Dhakan

Ratilal Dhakan
“A journey to a hundred begins with a step ahead towards future…One approach the journey’s end. But the end is the goal, not the end of journey.”

Preserving tradition going back to four generations of trust, integrity and commitment, Dhakan Jewellers have created their own unique style in Arabic , Indian jewellery as well as Contemporary, Diamond and Italian jewellery. Established in 1914 in India and in 1979 in Dubai . Dhakan Jewellers has grown into stature especially in jewellery designing, retailing, wholesale and manufacturing. These has allowed Dhakan Jewellers to thrive and attain its present enviable position as the most creditable and trustworthy jewellery business across the world as a result of their hard work, integrity, premium quality product and service.

At Dhakan Jewellers we conduct business fairly, with honesty and transparency. Everything we do to stand the test of public scrutiny and regulation of the Dubai Muncipality

The journey of Dhakan group began in 1914, when the first outlet was introduce. Since then Dhakan group has grown and expanded over the years , from a tiny company with a humble beginning into an internationally based fashion jewellery network. Dhakan group is renowned for its creativity and production of jewellery.

The founder of the company in U.A.E., Mr. Gordhandas Dhakan and Ratilal Dhakan have helmed the company since 1979, and their experience and vision have provided tremendous inspiration over the years. The key to their success has been a visionary creativity, an inspirational leadership, a dedicated workforce and a lot of sincere hard work. Since inception Dhakan group is managed by family man power who possess in-depth industry knowledge and awareness. Among the family ,there are gemologists who have pursued professional education.

Today, Dhakan has a trade network that spans far and wide around the world. Outlets can be found in the Dubai, Sharjah and India. It reaches the customer globally and to name a few it includes GCC, Europe, U.S.A., India, South Africa. A key component to the business operations of Dhakan grouop on a day-to-day basis is its Gold, Diamond, Wholesale and retail trading. Dhakan group collection lines consist ofdesigning classic and trendy products: bridal jewellery, exclusive branded jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings in solid gold available in different sizes, weights and quantities with an array of models, continuously renewed in order to satisfy market demands and meet customers' requirements.

In its pursuit to achieve excellence Dhakan group continues to enhance customer satisfaction through ongoing innovation.

Vishal Dhakan
Director - Dhakan Jewellers
Milestones LANDMARKS
The Dhakan group, U.A.E.’s first jeweller to start 22 carat jewellery, traces its origins back to India, where Late Mr. Odhavji Dhakan started jewellery business operations in 1914. Today, the Group’s footprint extends to 15 countries and its revenues are more than AED 50 Million. We retrace the highlights of this remarkable journey.

“Turn out to be one of the leading organization of gold and jewellery industry in Middle East” To become one of the leading organization of gold and jewellery industry. By excelling in quality, producing a stunning array of jewellery in different carats and colour; in plain gold, studded, platinum, diamond and precious stone including pearl jewellery. To remain aware of and respond to the emerging market requirement of customers , whether driven by technology or fashion.

“Committed to achieving professional excellence through”

Customer Service:
The satisfaction of our customers is our prime motto. Deep knowledge and intensity of commitment will remain the driving force in its constant pursuit of customer satisfaction. We support our customers' success by creating exceptional value through innovative product and service solution. This practice has helped Dhakan group to be choice of customer across the global, in particular we have at our credit strong customer from GCC countries, Europe, U.S.A., South Africa and India to name a few.

Business Stability and Growth:
Financial stability and maximizing longterm profitability for our company and employees is extremely important to us. This is achieved through the reinvestment of the profit that generate from the operation. This philosophy, resulted in to nine locations across Dubai and Sharjah over just in two decades. Today the Group performing its credit turnover of more than 1 ton of gold jewellery per year.

Customers' serenity and satisfaction regarding product quality, delivery dates and agreements are the guiding threads of our policy: Our customer service policy is appropriately organized, to meet specific demands and realize customized products, acknowledging us as a customer-driven company.

Ability to sustain development with a long time-horizon and broader set of goals than most traditional companies do. The business is run professionally and on well-articulated set of principles and procedures that guide the business and help instill the value in employees. Our international operation defines the company’s reach and employees with suitable exposure, competencies and awareness will be inducted to enable business to effectively build necessary relationships in the market place.

We provide the latest and best modified & princely jewellery from our special unit at competitive price that justifies our craftsmanship and brilliance of work.

Moderate, compassion and humanity policy towards our colleagues and customer that help us to deliver the best, that our customers could not find anywhere.

We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, every day.

“A value-driven organization. The Value that direct the group’s growth and commerce”

“The vision to realize the highest standards in all aspects of our business”. Dhakan Jewellers continues to go to great lengths in establishing special relationships with our customer and providing the finest sources of gold and diamond jewellery, as we want to serve the best to our customers. Maintaining our position as a leading gold and jewellery group member.

  • 2004:  Dhakan group wins Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group Award 2003- 2004 for Star Performer of the year.

  • 2004:  Continuing with the expansion philosophy Dhakan group establish their new venture in Dubai Metal & Commodities Centre.

  • 2001:  Mashoom Jewellers (branch) set up in Gold Souk Dubai.

  • 1997:  Dhakan Jewellers has expanded to set up branch in Sharjah.

  • 1995:  Dhakan Jewellers (Whole Sale) set up in Gold Souk Dubai.

  • 1989:  Milan Jewellers set up in Gold Souk Dubai.

  • 1983:  New Dhakan Jewellers established in Gold Souk Dubai.

  • 1983:  Mashoom Jewellers branch set up in Gold Souk Dubai.

  • 1980:  The expansion plan begun by establishing Dhakan Jewellers (branch) within one year of starting operation in U.A.E.

  • 1979:  Gordhandas Dhakan, sets up the first Jewellery outlet in U.A.E. , marking his entry into aim of global presence. Rapid business expansion follows.

  • 1914:  The foundation of the Dhakan group is laid by late Mr. Odhavji Nathubhai Dhakan ,the founder who commence jewellery operations at tiny city Keshod, Gujarat (INDIA).