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The JCK Industry Fund Committee has announced the 2022 recipients of its annual JCK Industry Fund grants totaling nearly $300,000

the highest amount awarded in over five years. Since 1997, the fund has awarded over $7 million toward program grants to benefit the jewelry industry at large.

“We are proud to say JCK has donated $250,000 or more into the Industry Fund every year since inception, including in 2020 when we were not able to have a show. With shows back, and the majority of our exhibitors and many attendees also contributing to the fund, we are able to do offer that much more to help this industry that we all want to see continue to thrive,” says Sarin Bachmann, Group Vice President, RX Jewelry Group, and JCK Industry Fund Committee Chair.

The 2022 grant recipients are comprised of 11 organizations that received grant monies in the first quarter of 2022 to advance specific projects and initiatives to benefit the industry as a whole.

2022 JCK Industry Fund Grant Recipients:

American Jewelry Design Council

Advocates for the aesthetic value of artistic fine jewelry, and promotes the appreciation of original jewelry design as art. This year AJDC has created the Jose Hess AJDC Design Challenge, a biennial contest in honor of Jose Hess, an influential founding member of AJDC who passed away in 2021.

Black in Jewelry Coalition

Develop business education resources, fostering the ethical inclusion of diverse professionals and reshaping the jewelry and watch career pipeline while offering Black jewelry professionals’ greater access to opportunities at future industry events.

Diamonds Do Good

Supports an effective digital strategy that will re-engage with consumers and provide resources to retailers that promote the positive message of natural diamond communities.

Gem Legacy

Works to increase diversity and inclusivity in the jewelry industry by empowering Black miners; support sustainable, responsible practices in the gemstone supply chain; and increase consumer confidence in the colored gem industry supply chain.

International Colored Gemstone Association

Supports the artisanal mining sector, helping to improve the lives of artisanal miners and their families, protect the environment and promote community sustainability.

Jewelers of America

Seeks to reach the next generation of potential jewelers and show them the many career pathways and opportunities available to them.

Jewelers Security Alliance

To fund initiatives that will reduce credit fraud against retail jewelers through education, technical resources and increased cooperation between businesses and law enforcement.

Jewelers Vigilance Committee

In support of its advancements in consumer-facing projects to ensure the reputation of the jewelry industry remains high in the mind of the consumer.

Mercury Free Mining

To support the urgent need to expand testing and implementation of mercury-free gold ore processing technologies and a communications program to help the jewelry industry protect its credibility in the marketplace and with consumers.

MJSA Education Foundation

Provides the resources to help replenish the industry workforce in jewelry manufacturing and design, with a focus on bench jewelers, and to provide these aspiring jewelers with a path toward rewarding careers.

Women’s Jewelry Association

In support of educational resources and professional development opportunities for its Gender Equality Project.

The JCK Industry Fund Committee consists of Sarin Bachmann (Group Vice President, RX Jewelry Group); John Green (President & CEO Lux Bond & Green); Michael Lerche (President Goldstar Jewellery, LLC); Eddie Levian (CEO Le Vian); Sam Sandberg (Chairman A.Jaffe), Yancy Weinrich (Chief Growth Officer, RX).

The JCK Industry Fund Committee chooses recipients based upon their synergy with the overall core goals of the fund, which include, but are not limited to: improving commerce and the image of the jewelry industry in the eyes of the consumer; aiding in addressing serious challenges faced within the jewelry industry; assisting in developing educational content that can make a profound impact on the jewelry industry, consumers and diversity and inclusion.

The grants are funded by JCK with support from the industry at-large and donations from JCK customers: its exhibitors and attendees. Donations are collected year-round and allocated annually.