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Israel Diamond Exchange Opens Trading Floor

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) declared a return to “normal” activity today, with the opening of its massive trading floor, which had been closed during the two month lockdown.

From today, the trading floor will operate under a new format, in compliance with government mandated safety practices in the workplaces. The huge trading floor has been divided into two areas – one for polished trading and one for rough trading. The number of traders allowed to sit on the floor has been reduced considerably and transparent partitions have been installed at each table. Traders must maintain a two meter distance, must wear masks and sign a daily health declaration.

The trading floor closed on March 15 because of the lockdown due to Coronavirus crisis. The IDE began a gradual return to activity on May 3, as the government gradually lifted restrictions on business activities.

IDE Managing Director Eran Zini said, “We are very excited to reopen our trading floor, which is the heart and soul of the Israel Diamond Exchange. This marks a very significant return to “normality”, and symbolizes that the diamond industry is back in business. Still we are very strictly enforcing government guidelines, since protecting the health and safety of our members is above all.”

IDE prepares trading hall prior to opening today.