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Gemological Science International presents –Managing the Challenge of Man-Made Diamonds at Dubai DMCC

Mr. Nicholas Del Re
Chief Information Officer - GSI
Ms. Seema Athavale
Chief Gemologist - GSI

Myths, Facts, and Realities

Gemological Science International (GSI) is pleased to announce that they will be presenting a seminar entitled "Man Made Diamonds -- Myths and the Facts -- Realities" to interested parties at the DMCC Dubai on 20th November Monday at 9.00 a.m. The presenters are Ms. Seema Athavale, Chief Gemologist - GSI and Mr. Nicholas Del Re, Chief Information officer - GSI. The seminar is intended to educate the audience as to the growth of man-made diamond manufacturing and to discuss ways in which this interacts with the other components of the trade, in particular, the natural diamond jewelry industry, and how these interactions can be successfully managed.

The reality is that synthetic diamonds are rapidly coming of age quality-wise in comparison to even the best natural stones. As a result, increasing numbers of man-made stones are mixing with natural products in the supply chain. Where this is being done in an aboveboard manner is not a problem, but there is a rising amount of synthetic diamond being surreptitiously introduced into certain product lines such as diamond set jewelry where it is not economical to test every single stone.

Although not yet of serious proportions, the continued introduction of synthetic diamonds into the retail jewelry trade, if allowed to continue on an undisclosed basis, is likely to lead to one or more severe crises bringing about a potential public collapse in confidence as to the value and ability to resell these mixed sets. While there has always been some small measure of various forms of undisclosed diamonds in industry, the traditional tracking methods have, thus far, proven sufficient to maintain a general belief in diamonds as both an object of rare beauty and as an investment. It is clear, however, that new-procedures in verification as to origin and type of diamond are going to be needed.

In particular, everyone in the industry needs to start pro-actively cooperating on finding new policies and procedures that will prevent this topic from becoming a subject of general public awareness. With the possible exception of various criminal enterprises, it is in nobody's interest to degrade standards and deceive the public as to the value of their purchases.

As a certified full-service lab for the global diamond and colored stone trade, GSI believes it is important for everyone in the industry to understand what new tools for verification are currently available and which ones are nearing the end of their beta testing phase. While new administrative and tracking procedures are certainly a part of the solution, greatly improved test equipment would go far in finishing the job as well and highly skilled research and development will be needed, but the industry needs to be made aware of what tools are available and how important it is for them to be deployed on an essentially universal basis.

The final consumer of all diamond products must rest fully assured that the items they purchase are accurately labeled and graded. The only way to achieve this is through an industry-wide commitment to the proper classification of man-made stones and impossible-to-evade safeguards that will catch any and all attempts at circumventing these procedures. Seminar attendees will leave with a superior understanding of all these underlying factors as well as get an early look at all of the new verification measures designed to provide accurate and swift classification in a low-cost manner.