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10th Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition
A Not To Be Missed Event In Oman

In an exclusive discussion with The New Jeweller-UAE magazine - Mr. Akavut Tangsilikusonwong (Tony), Founder and CEO of Vega Intertrade and Exhibitions details more about the upcoming 10th Edition of the Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition to be held this December in the Sultanate of Oman. Excerpts from the discussion:

Oman has a rich heritage of culture which is translated into the jewellery designs as well. What is your opinion on the influence of culture and tradition in the Omani jewellery?

Oman has a very rich and distinctive tradition when it comes to jewellery. I’ve seen a vast influence of their culture and tradition in the jewellery sector, most of the jewellery store are designed historically, too many details that signify their rich heritage of Arabian culture and tradition. Mainly the Omani Jewellery designers’ masterpieces are inspired by their heritage as well as their Islamic architecture that have a special imprint to promote the beauty of Oman Islamic art and creativity.

Oman is known for the quality and premium jewellery that is sold. Tell us something about the certification standards and measurements.

Yes, indeed, and at present Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) is putting maximum effort to enhance the certification standards and measurement, to ensure that all jewellery have been examined in a specialized testing laboratory that have technologies and capabilities to assure that the public is not being cheated but get guaranteed premium and quality pieces. MoCI will have their cooperation with The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand to further develop the confidence and trust of the consumers and set forth standards and inspire the public’s trust in the gem and jewelry products.

We have seen large jewellery retailers setting up shops in cities such as Muscat and Salalah. Tell us the reason behind this expansion in the jewellery retail segment?

Well, aside from the renewed Muscat and Salalah airports that stimulate trade and tourism in both cities, jewellery business is continuously growing in both cities due the purchasing power of the Omani residents as well as the neighboring countries, most specially the Qatari and other nationals.

The upcoming 'Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition' has been growing over the years. What are the important factors that have made this show prominent in the region?

We’ve been with the OCEC, since the first year of this show, started as Thai agent until we became the co- organizer of the project. Witnessed how the show was constantly growing year by year and I can say that one of the key factors of this show is that Oman has a very good customs flexibility and standard for the neighboring countries and international buyers. This year’s edition is really something that everyone shouldn’t miss, MIJEX (Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition) 10th edition has increased the exhibition area by 80% compared from the last nine years. Also,

• We have GIT (The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand) as main sponsor to officially guaranteed the quality and ensure that consumers can buy with confidence during the show. We bought 300 VIP lab services certificates to give away to the exhibitors and reward to their buyers.
• This year edition, we will introduce new pavilions like, Europe, Iran, Hongkong, Thailand and Oman.
• Oman Jewellery Award
• Tourism Authority of Thailand also supported the show to conduct luxury trip raffle draw.
• Collaboration with Qatar Airways to promote and invite Qatari people to visit the show.
• Oman SMEs (REYADA) also supported the Oman Pavilion to promote their local SMEs.