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The Italian goldsmithing sector workforce takes the stage at OROAREZZO 2018

Behind an item of jewellery lies the workforce and various professional figures. Authentic artists who collaborate in the creation of an objectthat will preserve its charm through time and be resistant, amid continuity and innovation, to wear, tear and fashions.

Forms of art and a status symbol, a weapon of seduction and sacred ornament, an item of jewellery is, perhaps, the material accomplishment of a man-nature union. And, as such, naturally requires experts able to "dream and create big".

From draughtsman to jewellery designer, from goldsmith to stone-selector, from stone-cutter to mounter and then on to the jewel-cleaner and gemmologist, these are the various professions linked to the world of jewellery. Professions that were handed down from father to son in the past and which are now taught in specialized schools, professional institutes and post-graduate courses, often also with the aid of highly advanced technologies.

OROAREZZO,the exhibition ofthe Italian goldsmithing sector, organized by IEG, Italian Exhibition Group, scheduled to take place from 5 th to 8 th May, is the place where craftsmen, technicians, experts and workers come together to share arts, styles and techniques: a showcase of the very best of Italian jewellery-making, able to attract buyers from all over the world.

An important stage for the sector, it is also a moment to give the right value to all the specializations that lie behind the jewellery world: there are at least 7 and all play a part and are spotlighted at OROAREZZO.

Starting from the draughtsman or jewellery designer: a key figure in the jewels making process. Active during the initial phase, he/she is the creative mind that conceives the idea for the item, in other words, the line, originality and soul of the future creation.

Passing from the hand-drawn design to the metal, the next figure is the designer, whose task is to translate the jewellery idea on the computer from its first graphic expression into a wax or metal model.

Next comes another figure, the modeller, the manifestation of an ancient art, who knows how to shape the prototype of the item to be produced. Forged by hand, the model is made in wax, or in poor metal, and then introduced into the production chain.

In the universe of precious stones, a leading role is played by the stone-selector who has to know how to identify, select and choose the stones that will best suit the jewellery item's design in terms of size, shape and cut.

Other decisive figures are the cutter who will cut and adapt the stones to the model and make the mounter's and engraver's work easier. These latter figures now tend to overlap and coincide.

The creative cycle closes with the bench-worker/cleaner who does the final operation, which is polishing, donating or returning shine and splendour to the completed item.

Although on the edge of the jewellery production process, the figure of the gemmologist is extremely important. His/her mission is to know methods and rules for identifying the nature of gems, evaluating their quality and authenticity and assessing their destination.

In jewellery companies, it is often teamwork that gives the best result!