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TAGS sales 100% of the offered April Tender

Tender that concluded on 29th April in Dubai

Trans-Atlantic Gem Sales held the April Tender between the 25th and 29th April 2021 in Dubai. Despite the serious Covid situation in India, which resulted in the imposition of severe travel restriction into UAE and around the world, virtually all the leading manufacturers took the decision to relocate their buying teams to Dubai before the lockdown to ensure a supply of rough to the factories.

We received a new supply of Angolan ‘Run of Mine’ rough which included several Exceptional Special stones +10.8 carats. Total carats offered were in the region of 45’000 with a value of approx $18m.

While the number of visiting companies was impacted by the travel restrictions, we still welcomed close to 100 companies, from all the leading centres. We can report that we achieved 100% sales, and our appreciation goes out to the companies who all made the effort to participate in what are difficult times for our business.

Most companies will now remain in Dubai to participate in the forthcoming De Beers and Alrosa sales which will be joined by several other small tenders taking place at the DDE Tender facility in the coming few weeks.