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EGL rights holders announce reorganization of EGL representation in Israel

The holders of EGL rights in Israel and Mr. Benhamou announced recently that the Eurogem laboratory in Israel (also known as EGL International), located in the Noam Building, Tuval St. 21, in Ramat-Gan, will be ending its operations as an EGL laboratory as of April 2, 2015. EGL thanks Guy D. Benhamou for his 23 years of service and his respectable contribution to the development of the company in Israel and wishes him best of luck in his new endeavors.

The rights holders also declared that the European Gemological Center (EGC), located at 8 Shoham Street in Ramat Gan is now the sole laboratory in Israel licensed to issue and distribute EGL grading reports and to represent and make use of the EGL brand in Israel. Customers who wish to submit diamonds for grading to an EGL laboratory in Israel are invited to submit their stones to the EGC laboratory.

Menahem Sevdermish, CEO of EGC and global brand manager of EGL Worldwide (with the exclusion of EGL USA), will cooperate closely with the EGL laboratories around the world and will oversee the diamond grading operations in each and every laboratory, to ensure uniformity in the grading processes and protocol.